What else can I do?

Choosing a small family and consuming sustainably are the most important choices you can make to help conserve resources and protect the environment, but there are many other ways you can help.

Spread the word

We have the greatest influence over those closest to us. Engage your family and friends in conversation about population and environmental issues. Challenge them to think about ways they can reduce their own environmental footprints.

Movements spread via communication. If every one of us who feels strongly about the state of our planet inspires a handful of other people to take action, think about how much we could achieve!

Help restore habitat

Our wildlife is facing an unprecedented crisis. Rapid human population growth and our destructive activities have stripped species of their habitats and food sources. There are many small things you can do to help out wildlife in need.

For example, if you have access to a garden, plant some native wildflowers for wild bees and other pollinators that are declining precipitously. Mow your lawn less often, avoid using pesticides and leave gaps in your garden fence or wall for hedgehogs to move through.

If you'd like to do more, why not volunteer for a local conservation group or wildlife rehabilitation centre?


Population Matters Local Groups get out and spread the word at local events, by organising talks and film screenings and distributing leaflets. They support our campaigns and provide the face-to-face contact that's so effective in changing opinions. Use the button to find out if there is a group near you, or contact us for more information.

Population is the driver behind so many global problems, but you can also get involved in campaigning on other issues you care about. Whether that is climate change, women's rights, conservation, global justice or anything else, there are plenty of orgnisations doing great work on those problems. Look what's available near you and if you do get involved, bring the population message to the organisations you're supporting.


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